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Interconnecting physical devices, applications and web services.

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Bus IT is a simple platform that allows you to interconnect physical devices and web services.

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Catalog of objects and applications available on the Bus IT platform. You can also develop your own connectors.


See what Bus IT is able to do for you. But only your imagination is the limit of what it is possible.

Make objects and services really connected

In the Bus IT store, you can find many connectors created by the community and link them in your spaces. Web services, physical objects or electronic devices are now able to communicate with each other throught the bus.

You can imagine an infinite number of options for your paths and interconnections, but if you don't know yet how Bus IT can be useful for you, maybe you are looking for some showcases.


Focusing on security and privacy

First of all, each Bus IT user has his own certificate (and his linked private key) and uses it to encrypt and sign all transmissions. There are more possible keys than the number of atoms on earth!

Bus IT guarantees not resell or exploit users' personal data and ensures that data in transit are not monitored not stored and not analyzed. The platform only carries messages between connectors as fast as possible, in the pure tradition of the Internet neutrality.

Tans of thousands of people are using Bus IT and connectors daily.

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Bus IT is currently in private bĂȘta version, if you want to try it, you can ask for an invitation.

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